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Thanks to technology, we provide year-round service to clients all over the US. We e-file federal and all state returns.

When preparing your taxes, we will focus on making sure you profit from every deduction and credit available, so you get the biggest refund or lowest liability possible.

For your convenience we provide:

  • Extended office hours during tax season

  • Drop-Off Services

  • Mobile Services

  • Appointments

  • Mobile App

You can also Upload Tax Documents on our Mobile App.

Flexible Payment Options are offered including No Out-of-Pocket.

We have tax refund options that allow you to choose how you get your money. And when the time comes to pay for your tax services, we have options for that as well.

Tax Refund Options

  • Bank Products

  • Direct Deposit

  • Cashier’s Check Printed from our Office

  • Prepaid Visa Card

  • Direct2Cash (receive your refund, up to $7500, from participating Walmarts

  • Mailed Check

Payment Options

  • Pay Nothing Out of Pocket with a Bank Product

  • PayPal

  • Check

  • Money Order


Other Tax Services:

Amended Returns

We can fix it! Did you notice an error on a prior year’s return or you received a form that was overlooked? We can review the situation and make the necessary adjustments or corrections.

Audit Services 

We offer IRS tax help by assisting you with IRS and State correspondence that you receive; including audits, letters, and inquiries in regard to your tax return

Prior Year Review

Did you leave money on the table? We strongly suggest having the last three years reviewed to see if you received all the tax credits and deductions you’re eligible for.

Mobile Tax Preparers

Our office is located in Ridgeland, MS. We are available to meet with you at your home, office or a coffee shop whichever is more convenient for you. You may also schedule an appointment at our office if you prefer. Too busy to meet? Or perhaps you’re out of state? Just send us your documents and we’ll contact you!


Year-Round Services

Taxes year-round! Everyone knows “tax season” and April 15 is “Tax Day”. But we don’t shut down shop and stop working on April 16 – we’re available all year long to help you with your tax needs and other services.


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